Defunct Companies

How is it that none of Tristram Norriss’s companies survive? Bad luck, incompetence – or something else?

These are his defunct companies that we know about:

  • JJ International (Japan) – of which he modestly styled himself Group President
  • JJ International (Hong Kong) Ltd
  • T&E Partners (Singapore) – he was the so-called Managing Director
  • Norss LLP – note the missing letters, characteristic of swindlers
  • Berkeley Shoken Capital Ltd*
  • Berkeley Trustee and Corporate Consulting Ltd
  • Magner Worldwide Holdings Ltd – may still exist by appears inactive. Previously known as Kyonai Shoken Ltd
  • FX Capital Partners GmbH
  • Beek Capital Ltd
  • Event Horizon Ltd
  • Finance Matters Ltd
  • Pensions Simplified Ltd
  • S&N Holdings Ltd
  • Timoran Capital SSAS – website still listed but inactive and name now changed to Timoran Capital Trust – see Home page.
  • Southern Capital AG

*As for Berkeley Shoken Capital Ltd, of which Tristram Norriss boasted he was both the CEO and Managing Director, in January 2017 the Hong Kong Commissioner for Labour applied to have this company wound up on the grounds that it was unable to pay its debts. This is an example of his wonderful business management.

In addition, until 2017 Norriss falsely claimed on AngelList ( – a website for start-ups – that he was ‘Chairman of the Board at BTCjam’. We contacted BTCjam – a perfectly respectable company. They had never heard of Tristram Norriss and, in view of the information we provided, said they never will employ him. Now he merely says he is ‘Chairman’, but chairman of what? No details are given.

Norriss often refers to himself in a way that is both shady and pompous: he’s the Chairman of this or the Managing Director of that, but some of the companies he claims he is or was associated with are impossible to trace, being identified only by their initials.

It’s clear from the above list, as well as from the testimony of an increasing number of distressed individuals who have contacted us, that Tristram Norriss is not a legitimate businessman but a career swindler.