Bragging, Trickery, and Confusion

Tristram Norriss on Facebook
Having been thrown off LinkedIn in April 2017, probably as a result of our telling them that in our opinion he is not a fit and proper person to be hosted on this platform, Tristram Norriss now appears on Facebook. There he is in evening dress looking very pleased with himself, if rather the worse for drink, in what appears to be a smart restaurant. See photo on the Gallery page.

How did he get the money to pay for all this? By swindling people perhaps? However obtained, the last thing he will do is pay his debts or support his legally married wife and daughter in Japan!

The main picture is of a little girl, his third daughter, who was born in a bigamous marriage and whose mother has left him – who can blame her?

Typically, his posting is ambiguous. In the Intro it says ‘Studied at Stanford University’. But in a post dated July 13, 2017 he boasts he ‘Started School at Stanford University’. Was he at the age of fifty-four a student again? Or is this his usual puffery?

Tristram Norriss’s Curriculum vitae
Apart from being badly written and disorganised, he leaves out essential information such as his nationality, date of birth and date of writing. At first glance it looks impressive but if you read it carefully it’s all hot air: boastful, vague to the point of meaninglessness, grossly exaggerated, and probably in many particulars, false.

He may have had a passing acquaintance with some of the people he mentions, but it seems he then invents stories about them in which he is the hero – a highly successful businessman, with millions or even billions of dollars passing through his hands! Nonetheless, when confronted by his creditors he pleads poverty!

Here’s a section reproduced from the first page of the text:

Work Experience
January 2016 to present day

Chairman        BTC                                                                                 Hong Kong

Responsible to the family office for Asian institutional clients mainly from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Japan including UHNW clients with a specific focus on investments into Europe. Devised a unique strategy to allow Hong Kong banks to offer credit to M&A and MBO European group trophy assets using either mainland or overseas Chinese assets. Closed US$7.2bn of deals in early 2016 as the RMB foreign policy tightened.

Currently we have mandates to buy a chain of hotels in Europe retained by a Canadian billionaire. To sell the largest hotel chain in Portugal with 93 hotels dotted around the Atlantic rim including London, Berlin, Barcelona and Lisbon. We have an exclusive mandate from the owner to represent this offering in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Also we have a contract with the French Senate and the region of Marne in France to represent an airport in the Champagne region exclusively in Hong Kong and China. We also have a non-exclusive mandate to represent a US$1.6bn hotel project in Macau.

What is the mysterious BTC?
Bitcoin? Botswana Telecommunications Corporation? Brain Tumor Center?

How about Bragging, Trickery, and Confusion?

What family office is he referring to? A Canadian billionaire, eh? Does he have a name? The ‘largest hotel chain in Portugal’ is also anonymous, of course, even though it has ‘93 hotels dotted around [sic] the Atlantic rim [sic] including London, Berlin …’

Brilliant grasp of geography
Poor Norriss doesn’t seem to realise London is nowhere near the Atlantic ocean and Berlin is land-locked in the middle of Germany, well over 1,000 km from the Atlantic. The term ‘Pacific rim’ is in common use, but where or what is the ‘Atlantic rim’?

How come the French Senate, one of the two houses of the Parliament of France, does a deal with the likes of Norriss? And he can’t resist showing off the $1.6bn figure of another anonymous hotel project.

Wonderful work experience
Although his so-called work experience goes back to 1985 in the CV, it’s strange there’s no mention of the company of which he boasted he was Group President (JJ International, based in Japan) which he abandoned when he skipped the country in 2003 leaving large debts.

He styles himeself ‘Director Asian Markets Pilkington International Art Fund Plc’ about which he then repetitively says he ‘Helped launch an art fund known as the Pilkington International Art Fund’. This is nonsense. No such organisation existed and the ‘fund’ was nothing more than one of Norriss’s pie-in-the-sky ideas that was never realised because he couldn’t raise the capital, among other reasons.

Here’s the final bit of Tristram Norriss’s absurd CV


Have been a keen contributor to the Cyberport DNA Security workshops in Hong Kong. Hold Permanent residency status in Japan, Germany, and the US along with current residency in Hong Kong. Conversant in Japanese and French have written English articles in Japan for Bloomberg. Produced with the legal department prospectuses for TSE listing. Lectured on Political and Economic subjects. German studies of the local language at the Foreign Office in Berlin also BarFin banking licensing exams Frankfurt Germany. Strengths are executive Director activities debt management, asset management, Institutional sales, sales strategies, fund raising, retail financial services with particular experience in Marketing/Sales.Worked on the INSEAD panel of judges in Singapore. Assisted INSEAD graduate students with their business plans

‘Conversant in Japanese and French’. Has he got conversational ability in these languages? Or perhaps he means ‘Conversant with Japanese and French’. His Japanese level was rudimentary. ‘Written articles…for Bloomberg.’ What articles? ‘Lectured on Political and Economic subjects’. What lectures? Where is the list of his publications and lectures? Were there any? ‘Studied German at the Foreign Office in Berlin’. What foreign office? ‘…also BarFin [sic] banking licensing exams…’ He can’t even spell it properly: it’s BaFin, not BarFin. He may have studied but did he pass – or even take – the exams?

The whole thing can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Tristram Norriss’s preposterous CV

For an example of the kind of FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT that Tristram Norriss produces, please click on these links:

Fraudulent document 01

Fraudulent document 02

These are the two pages of a ‘Letter of Guarantee’ on the Timoran Capital SSAS letterhead. Interestingly, it’s co-signed by Tristram’s father, Michael Norriss, who seems to be the old block off which Tristram is a chip, so to speak.

And what is being guaranteed? The answer: US$30,000,000. And now they try to pull the wool over your eyes. This huge sum is a

Financial guarantee for the repayment of pre-financing payable under grant agreement to [name of other party] for the implementation of the action of up to 3,000 US$10,000 bonds to investors.

What does this mean, if anything, in plain English?

Note that the other party to this fraudulent agreement, referred to as ‘the Issuer’, in Clause 1. on the first page

…agrees to settle on behalf of the Trust the sum of £4,200,000…with the official [sic] Receiver’s office in the United Kingdom by the end of January 2017.

Very convenient, no doubt, that the other party has thrust on him the responsibility of paying the UK Official Receiver this huge sum! But at least we have an admission that Tristram Norriss owes money to the UK authorities. See the Home page: A Fraudster Exposed.

No self-respecting lawyer or financial advisor would write something like this. The language is clearly intended to mislead and confuse. And like his CV it’s badly written. For example, the word ‘irrevocably’ is in the wrong place: he means ‘irrevocably guarantee’, not ‘irrevocably declare’ – worthless though his promise is in either case.

Then let’s take a paragraph near the bottom of the first page of this absurd document:

2. The Issuer agrees to invest US$15,000,000 of the bond raise [sic] into Dolphin Trust notes [sic] which will make up half of the asset basked [sic] guarantee through a share on German properties offered through these instruments.

Tristram Norriss ought to be ashamed of himself to write rubbish like this. But that’s his trouble: he probaly doesn’t realise it’s rubbish and he has no shame anyway.

More misrepresentations
Tristram Norriss has also sneaked back (2018) onto AngelList, a ‘website for startups’. (See also the Defunct Companies sub-menu on the Home Page.) It would be tedious to critique the whole of Norriss’s posting but let us look just at his claimed educational history:

Trinity College · 2004  Certificat [sic], Language Qualifications

Stanford Graduate School of Business · 2002  MS, Sloane

76.5 · 1985 [sic] MA

Which Trinity College? Dublin, Oxford, Cambridge, Australia or the US? He doesn’t say. In which languages is he qualified? Evidently they don’t extend to English spelling. And what about the mysterious MA? Apart from the meaningless date, in which subject and at what University was he granted this degree? Again, he doesn’t say, of course.

As for the claimed MS from Stanford Graduate School of Business, in 2002 Norriss was living full-time in Japan. We suspect this is another fraudulent claim.

Startups indeed. Upstart would be a better word for Tristram Norriss.