Why we are doing this

We are a group of people who have been cheated and harmed by Tristram Norriss. We have put this website together to bring the attention of the public to his behaviour in the hope that there will be less chance of him swindling others in the future.

Further, we demand that Tristram Michael Norriss does the following:

  1. Pay all his outstanding creditors what he owes them
  2. Return to his father-in-law in Japan his retirement savings that Tristram Norriss obtained by false pretences
  3. Compensate his abandoned wife in Japan for the cost of bringing up their child on her own
  4. Assist his daughter in Japan with the costs of higher education
  5. Compensate his bigamously married wife in Hong Kong for deceiving her

In each case, interest should be paid as appropriate.

Also, in the spirit of doing our civic duty, we demand that Tristram Norriss hand himself in to the Hong Kong police and confess he has committed perjury and bigamy. Perhaps the penalty will mitigated if he does this voluntarily.


Tristram Michael Norriss: Swindler, Liar, Bigamist