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Tristram Norriss puts on the mask of a pleasant personality and will tell you what you want to hear. DON’T BE FOOLED. He cares nothing for the distress he causes people.

Career Swindler
In Japan in the late 1990s he obtained money by false pretences from at least four individuals, including his own father-in-law who was relieved of his retirement savings, and two companies.

As a self-styled ‘consultant’ Tristram Norriss operated a Ponzi scheme and persuaded a number of persons to invest their funds with him. In some cases the money just disappeared leaving those he swindled in financial difficulties. He also deliberately mis-sold insurance policies.

One creditor sued him in the Tokyo District Court. Tristram Norriss lost the case but after paying only part of the sum he was ordered to pay he skipped the country, leaving large debts.

Of course he denies, argues, and invents stories to try to justify himself and perhaps he really does believe his own lies.

His fraudulent behaviour goes back a long way—see Early History of Alleged Fraud on the sub-menu—and it’s clear he’s made a career out of swindling people.

Pity he couldn’t have put his meagre talents to doing something useful—he might have been an actor!

November 2023
Tristram Norriss is still at it! Hiding behind a false name which sounds like a joke, Triz Noz, he even pompously calls himself President Triz Noz, though what he’s president of is unclear unless it’s the President of the Swindlers’ Union.

Apparently now living in Dubai, in collaboration with two or three other dubious characters, he’s peddling an instrument called Stable DAO which has all the appearances of another Ponzi scheme; it has been served with a Cease and Desist Order by the State of California. Everything about it is suspect, from the prestigious accommodation address in Tokyo to the meaningless and badly written guarantee letter. Why else, other than to defraud the gullible, would Tristram Norriss be doing this? What about paying his debts? (Don’t laugh.)

Here’s a photo of President Triz Noz from 2022.

If you see this man, run.

September 2022
We have just received a communication from a gentleman in England, David Lindley, who has kindly agreed for his and his father’s names to be mentioned:

“My late father, Peter Lindley, was defrauded by Tristram Norriss during the JJ international period. I don’t know exactly how much was lost but a lot. He also sold me a life insurance policy with London Life in 1990.”

Mr Lindley has confirmed that the policy was not what he wanted – another example of Norriss’s deliberate mis-selling. Subsequently, London Life as well as all the other major life insurance houses black-listed him.

January 2022
Tristram Norriss accused of maladminisration and breach of trust
Yet another victim of Tristram Norriss’s fraudulent activities finds herself in difficulties because of him and has complained to the UK Pensions Ombudsman.

In brief:

‘The Pensions Ombudsman found that the trustee, Tristram Norriss, had failed to pay death benefits to the estate of Mr K within a reasonable timeframe, and ceased to properly administer the scheme [which amounts to] maladministration and a breach of trust.’

You can read a full account of this sorry tale in PensionsAge, an online pensions magazine, 17 January 2022:

July 2019
Scammer Warning on LinkedIn
In you look up the distasteful name of Tristram Norriss on LinkedIn you will see it’s not just the owners of this website who are slightly annoyed with him.

This year, two other people who were swindled by Norriss posted their experiences on this social network as a warning to others.

Where is Tristram Norriss hiding now?

He should realise it’s not just his creditors who are after him; the Hong Kong police would like to ask him a few questions about alleged bigamy.

January 2019
Who is the real Tristram Norriss?
The following is a verbatim transcript of an analysis of Norriss’s handwriting by an expert graphologist. It has just been sent to us by one of the many people who have been swindled by him.

Empty, but busy. Pretends to be rich to himself. Factual, no empathy for psychology of others. Not easy to get at, you can’t trace him. Not a man to make a bosom friend of. Something wrong with the money. He cheats. Cool and empty. If he is a cheater, he is excellent at his job, or so he thinks. In the end the cleverness doesn’t get him very far. Hidden, so you don’t know what he means. You can’t catch him, so detached and unemotional. Gives himself over as someone cool, collected, plausible, rational, above-ground. It’s hidden, not real. No memory for anything he sees, such as a painting. Presents himself as competent, good at it. Not as clever as he thinks he is, but believes that he is clever. He rationalises his weaknesses. You must catch him out over details. The cheek to write like that! In little things you can find him out. He vanishes!

[At this point the graphologist did not want to continue because she found Norriss boring as a subject for graphological study.]

October 2018
Warning to women in Kuala Lumpur—Tristram Norriss is on the loose! If approached by this man—KEEP AWAY!
His record shows he is only interested in what he can get out of other people: sexual gratification from women and money from anyone he can mislead to ‘invest’ in his fake companies.

Having abandoned his bigamously married wife and their child and at least one Chinese girlfriend (or maybe she gave him the boot) in Hong Kong, we are reliably informed that Norriss has decamped to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

And what, you may wonder, is Tristram Norriss doing in Kuala Lumpur? At the age of fifty-five he’s chasing girls! Through Tinder and WeChat.

Typically, as a swindler he hides his real identity. On his WeChat ID photo Tristram Norriss is wearing dark glasses, like a gangster.

Chris Noz, eh?

News – July 2018
We are being contacted regularly through this website by people who say they have been swindled by Tristram Norriss. The latest communication, from someone anxious to know where he is hiding, is as follows:

I and a friend were victims of Tristram Norriss in Switzerland in 2009 and 2010. He tricked us into setting up a company to provide investment services to a large German company, MLP. This included meeting someone purporting to be from MLP. Tristram Norriss then simply took the money out of the company and spent it—around CHF100,000 (US$100,700). He then scarpered and I heard he had moved to Singapore. There were two Swiss lawyers involved. The company was called Southern Capital AG, now liquidated.

If Tristram Norriss thinks he will get away with swindling people he is making a big mistake. Sooner or later he will be prosecuted for fraud and theft—to say nothing of bigamy.

Tristram Norriss’s tactic to ensnare the unwary
He sets himself up as the director of a company and persuades other people to join him as shareholders. However, after a few years at most, the company is dissolved—but what has happened to the share capital? In many cases it’s disappeared along with Norriss himself! He’s done this in Japan, England, Singapore and Hong Kong, and possibly in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and other places. 

One man whose trust he abused wrote this glowing testimonial.

Why have so many of his companies failed? See list of defunct companies on the sub-menu.

Latest fraudulent company
Tristram Norriss was kicked off LinkedIn in 2017, probably as a result of our telling them that in our opinion he is not a fit and proper person to be hosted on this platform. But he has now sneaked back using his fraudulent company name, slightly altered to Timoran Capital Trust. It is run by Tristram N. [sic] although he grandiously styles himself ‘Chairman of the Board at Timoran Capital Trust’. Why doesn’t he give his full name?

This is followed by a condensed version of Tristram Norriss’s preposterous CV—exaggerated, absurd, and probably in many particulars, false.  See also the ‘Bragging, Trickery and Confusion’ page.

The Trust’s activities are described thus:

Exceptional pension administration services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Timoran Capital Trust have extensive experience in state of the art pension administration. We can deliver a unique, cost effective plan for you to achieve optimum ongoing growth for your pension fund.

But if we rewrite this cliché-ridden waffle to reflect its true nature we would get something like the following:

Fraudulent pension adminstration service with the lowest levels of customer satisfaction. Timoran Capital Trust (previously known as Timoran Capital SSAS) has extensive experience in swindling its customers. I, Tristram Michael Norriss, can deliver a unique cost-effective plan for me to achieve optimum growth for myself by stealing your pension fund.

Sued for defaulting on his rent
Now we find that Tristram Norriss cheats his landlady

His home address is Flat E, 2nd Floor, St Louis Mansion, 20 Macdonnell Road, Central, Hong Kong and he may still be living there in spite of owing at least six months’ rent. The landlady took him to court (8 February 2018) and was awarded HK$49,187 (US$6,267).

Tristram Norriss will discover that if he doesn’t pay his debts there will be consequencies.

Bigamous marriage and false declaration

In November 2014 in Hong Kong Tristram Norriss went through marriage formalities to a Chinese woman twenty-nine years his junior. Unfortunately, since he neglected to get divorced first from his wife in Japan—to whom he is still married—he has committed bigamy, a crime. (In Hong Kong one can get banged-up for seven years for this.)

This is the marriage certificate on which Tristram Norriss falsely declared he was a bachelor. (Some names obscured to protect the innocent.)

He also had a daughter with this poor deceived woman. The daughter is now (2018) aged four—let us hope she will be better treated than his forsaken legitimate daughter in Japan!

Incidentally, when he was in his twenties Tristram Norriss irresponsibly and out of wedlock sired another daughter for whose upkeep he was unable to pay.

Disowned by his mother
Even his own mother, being so disgusted with his behaviour, has disowned him. This letter shows the despair he has caused her.

Blacklisted and chased by debt collecting agency
All the major international insurance companies and financial institutions that he has had dealings with have blacklisted him. Also, the Cater Allen Bank (Jersey) Limited has put a debt collection agency onto him.

Latest scam

Tristram Norriss comes over as a pleasant middle-aged English gentleman. He’s affable and persuasive—but watch out!

In his latest scam in Hong Kong he misrepresented himself as a hot-shot financial trader who wanted to launch a new investment fund. To do this he latched onto a respectable established firm that became responsible for issuing bonds, and paying the expenses, on the fund. Interestingly, most of those persuaded to part with their hard-earned money were women.

When the promised returns didn’t materialise some investors became concerned and demanded the return of their capital. At first Norriss was able to do this with new investment money—the classic Ponzi scheme—but then the fund collapsed. Why was this? Because a large proportion of the capital was used up—can you guess?—on Norriss’s expenses!

So a number of people lost their money. Not Norriss’s fault of course. They just made a bad investment!

And recently he’s been spotted on the Hong Kong social circuit with his latest Chinese girlfriend, no doubt at her expense. Let’s hope she isn’t also duped to invest money with him!

How Tristram Norriss abuses women
Tristram Norriss, not content with leaving a trail of very upset people who suffered financial harm as a result of being swindled by him, in affairs of the heart he has been particularly deceitful: two daughters born out of wedlock, an abandoned wife and daughter in Japan, a bigamous marriage, currently (or until recently) living with another girlfriend in Hong Kong, and now we are reliably informed he has stooped to the level of stalking women on the dating app, Tinder!

Timoran Capital SSAS’s dodgy website
This website is no longer active but since it’s so similar to the re-named Timoran Capital Trust, the following comments may warn other potential investors—or rather, victims.

The header declares:

We have been administering pension schemes since 1994…

This is misleading. The ‘we’ refers to a single individual, Tristram Norriss, although sometimes he’s been assisted by others—until they fell out. What he should say  is: ‘I have been mis-selling pension schemes since 1994 until I was blacklisted by the  companies concerned.’

Then he boasts of Pension Plans with nothing to hide.

Nothing to hide, that is, except the identity of the person(s) behind this scheme: not a single name appears on the site. Any bona fide pension scheme would be proud to present their personnel with  photos and short bios.

Then there’s the interesting heading ‘Pension Certainty’ under which he writes:

We allow pension holders to take greater control of their investment options if they wish and can introduce members to guaranteed investment opportunities…Our Trustees and risk analysts can assist in the due diligence of any prospective investment. (Emphasis added.)

There can be no certainty with any type of investment, and there are no such things as ‘guaranteed investment opportunities’. Phrases like due diligence are merely thrown in to make it sound impressive.

Although he talks about ‘Our Trustees and risk analysts’ he contradicts this under ‘Pension Details’ where he says ‘Timoran Capital SSAS does not give financial advice.’

In any case, who are these trustees and risk analysts? No names are given, of course.

He also mentions ‘Exceptional Pension Administration’.

Yes, very exceptional! The money goes into Tristram Norriss’s pocket as in the case of a number of recent pension scams which have resulted in many individuals losing their life savings.

We utilise the most sophisticated back office systems to ensure swift accurate set up and ongoing communications ensuring the safety of your information.

Babble, clichés, and buzzwords. Meaningless.

A means to save for your retirement in a tax-privileged manner.

There’s no such thing as ‘tax-privileged’. Does he mean tax-efficient, perhaps? Then why doesn’t he say so? The reason appears to be because he is illiterate and ignorant of the proper phraseology.

On the page called ‘Pension Details’ there’s a sub-heading: ‘It’s aims’. What a howler! He doesn’t know the difference between ‘It’s’ and ‘Its’.

As for the impressive-looking London address that Timoran Capital SSAS uses, this is what a website on internet fraud has to say:

The UK address 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY…is…a company which sells its use as a registered office address…criminals are attracted to it…the address is in common use among fake companies operating ‘boiler room’ fake share scams. (Emphasis added.)

If you call the London number provided, it’s transferred to a Chinese voice-mail.

For an example of the kind of fraudulent document Tristram Norriss produces under the name of Timoran Capital SSAS, see the Bragging, Trickery and Confusion page.

And here’s another. As you can see at the top of this page his passport number is 500767098. But if you click the link below to a so-called ‘Legal notice’ for the highly esteemed Timoran Capital SSAS company, an extra digit has crept in!

Mystery of the extra digit

Further adventures of the swindler Tristram Norriss
We recently received information from a gentleman in England who, following the suggestion of a trusted financial advisor, decided to move his pension to a higher yielding investment. The investment was in a company that refurbishes listed buildings in Germany and then sells them at a profit after two years—a straightforward if slightly risky scheme. So far, so good.

Now, in order to participate in such a scheme with one’s pension pot one needs to become a trustee in what is called a small self-administered scheme (SSAS). Unfortunately, however, the account was set up with Timoran Capital SSAS, the outfit run by the swindler Tristram Norriss.

There was nothing wrong with the scheme itself, nor with the investment in Germany. At the end of the term there is documentary evidence (which we have seen) that the capital plus a nice profit were paid from the investment company to Timoran Capital SSAS.

But now, not good. Why? Because the account to which the money was paid was the Timoran Capital SSAS account with the Bank of East Asia in Hong Kong. (Details on link above: mystery of the extra digit.)

Since Tristram Norriss is the only signatory, in effect it’s his personal account.

This wouldn’t matter if the money was promptly transferred, as it unquestionably should have been, to the trustee himelf. But now what happens? Silence.

No response can be elicited from Tristram Norriss.

The gentleman in England is slightly annoyed about this and has reported the matter to the Serious Fraud Office. Of course, he will in addition take all necessary legal action to recover his money that has been stolen by Tristram Norriss.

Lies and more lies
In February 2017 one creditor managed to track down Norriss to Hong Kong and spoke to him on the phone. Not a pleasant experience. With the net closing in on him he made wild allegations and threats and attempted to put all the blame on this creditor for his own failure to honour his obligations!

He did, however, promise to pay the balance of what he was ordered by the Tokyo District Court—never mind the interest for fourteen years! Did he pay a penny? No prizes for guessing the answer.

Tristram Norriss’s reputation
Tristram Norriss doesn’t seem to care about his reputation. Or maybe it’s so low it can hardly go any lower. But it could improve if he did the decent thing for once in his life (don’t laugh) and paid his debts!

Antisocial Personality Disorder
A likely explanation for Tristram Norriss’s behaviour is that he suffers from what is called antisocial personality disorder. Such people used to be known as sociopaths. It means he has no real interest in or feelings for others but is only concerned with what he can get out of them: money, status, sexual gratification, etc.

For more on this, see

Tristram Norriss and the missing £3.7 million
How strange that Norriss knows something about a large sum of money that is unaccounted for but he is refusing to cooperate with the authorities!

In September 2015 the UK Official Receiver applied to require Norriss to produce a witness statement in connection with a sum in excess of £3.7 million that was previously part of the assets of an occupational pension scheme called Omni Trustees Limited. Omni is in liquidation and the £3.7 million was transferred to the Timoran Small Self-Administered Scheme of which Norriss is the principal or sole trustee.

Norriss up till now has managed to wriggle out of cooperating with this application on the grounds that the UK does not have jurisdiction in Hong Kong. However, a recent judgement concerning the scope of the Insolvency Act 1986, Section 236(3), has established that it does indeed have extra-territorial effect.

An account of the court hearing about this matter can be seen here:

Court Judgment – Official Receiver vs. Tristram Norriss

Further, in the UK, apart from the Serious Fraud Office, the Pensions Regulator has shown an interest Tristram Norriss’s activities. Clearly, the net is closing around him.

See also under Links: Suspicious behaviour over missing money.

If you have any comments or information about Tristram Norriss, please contact the owners of this website using the following email address:

We should particularly be interested to hear from other people who have been defrauded by Tristram Norriss.

All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence.